Everything You Need to Make Your Trip Comfortable at Jim Corbett National park

Jim Corbett National Park is a national heritage of India. It is a tourist hub for the world. But more than a tourist spot, it is heaven on earth for the animals. Here they can roam free and enjoy their lives without the fear of any human interference. 

Established in 1936, then Jim Corbett was known by the name Hailey National Park. In 1957 the Indian Government named it after the famous conservationist Jim Corbett. Jim Corbett National Park is in Uttarakhand near Nainital. Jim Corbett is the first National Park of India. 

The national park offers you a jungle Corbett jeep safari for witnessing the wildlife with your naked eyes. Being so majestic, a heavy number of tourists come here every year. Thus the travel routes are easy and widespread to the big cities of the countries. The national park is connected with Delhi, Agra, and Lucknow with roads and train lines. 

If you are planning to spend your holidays with nature, Jim Corbett is a perfect place for you. In this blog, I am going to discuss all the ways you can minimise your difficulties during the trip and enjoy it at its best. 

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How to Reach Jim Corbett National Park?

As I mentioned earlier, Jim Corbett National park is a hub for tourists. Thus it offers easy roadways and train ways to reach it. The national park connects the three big cities Delhi, Lucknow, and Agra. It also connects with a nearby city Nainital. 

All the roads and train lines meet at one point. This point is Ramnagar, a small town that is very near the national park. You need to reach this point from any part of the

country. Jim Corbett is only 1-2 km away from the town Ramnagar which will take approx. 10-15 minutes of a road trip to reach. 

You can book your trains to Ramnagar directly from Delhi, Moradabad, Nainital, Bareilly, Lucknow, etc. You can also choose a long road trip with your family & friends. Book an intercity cab or hire a car from Delhi and reach Ramnagar by it.

Travelling From Delhi:

The distance from Delhi to Ramnagar is 250 km only. For the best experience, you should hire a car from Delhi to Jim Corbett. You can cover the distance in 6 hours only. The journey will be extensive hence you must carry all your needs with you for a comfortable ride. 

Travelling From Noida:

If you are starting your journey from Noida, take the NH 9 road along Kalagarh Road. The distance between Noida and Jim Corbett is around 200 Km. 

Travelling From Gurgaon:

Starting from Gurgaon, take State Highway 12 road to reach Jim Corbett. Again the distance between Jim Corbett and Gurgaon is approx. 250 Km. 

Travelling From Ghaziabad:

The closest city to Jim Corbett in the territory of the capital of India is Gurgaon. It is less than 200 km from Jim Corbett. You can cover this distance in around 4-5 hours only. 

Best Time to Visit the Jim Corbett National park:

Jim Corbett National park is a tourist hub but it does not welcome wildlife lovers throughout the year. However, some new zones allow it. Jim Corbett is open from October to the month of June. These months are good to go there. But be careful in the monsoon season July, Aug, and Sept as the roads of jungle safari will be difficult during these months. 

If you want cool breezes and mesmerising weather with great landscapes, the October to December and February to April months would be the perfect time to go there. The temperature will be pleasant and you will get a lifetime memory of watching the wildlife. Here the minimum temperature goes down to 5 degrees and the maximum to 40 degrees. 

The Best Tourist Zones of Jim Corbett National Park:

Jim Corbett National Park holds a very large place in it. It acquires almost 500 SQ km of area. Hence you can’t roam in it everywhere. The government has divided Jim Corbett into Seven zones for the ease of tourism and proper maintenance and governance. Each zone gives something different to you. In these zones, you can see wildlife roaming in their natural habitats, landscapes, water bodies, and beautiful jungle. 

These zones are buffer zones where the Government has allowed tourism. The core zone of the jungle is completely closed to people. By any means no tourist can go there. 

Below are these six zones where you can go. 

1. Dhikala Safari Zone:

Dhikala Safari Zone is the most famous of all  zones. It gives you a wide area to explore. Here you will see the wildlife at its best. The number of tiger sightings is highest here and hence it attracts the most visitors from all places. Dhikala also offers you a night stay 35km inside the jungle.

It is courageous as well as adventurous to book this. Its beautiful landscapes and water bodies will melt your heart. His entry gate is 18 Km away from the town of Ramnagar. In the Dhikala zone you can enjoy Night stay with jeep safari and day visit safari with a Canter (16 seater vehicle).Total 08 Canters are allowed in a day in the Dhikala zone each canter has 16 seats. 64 seats in the morning and 64 seats in the afternoon.

2. Jhirna Safari Zone:

Jhirna Entry Gate is merely 15 km away from the town of Ramnagar. For your note, Jhirna Safari Zone is open throughout the year for all tourists. It is famous for its water bodies and several wild animals. You can expect to see Nilgai, Sambhar, Wild Elephants, Sloth bears, and many types of birds during the jungle safari. Total 60 jeeps are allowed in a day in the Jhirna zone. 30 jeeps in the morning and 30 jeeps in the afternoon.

3. Bijrani Safari Zone:

It is the closest gate to Ramnagar town at only a 1 km distance. You will be mesmerised by seeing the grasslands and exotic beauty of nature in this zone. Here you will see a jungle of Sal trees and Kusum trees. With nature, you will also see several animals here. Total 60 jeeps are allowed in a day in the Bijrani zone. 30 jeeps in the morning and 30 jeeps in the afternoon.

4. Dhela Safari Zone:

Dhela zone is also open for tourism throughout the year. It offers you a jungle safari at its best. The distance from Ramnagar to the Dhela safari zone is only 13 km. Here you will see the abundance of flora and fauna. It is the latest eco-tourism zone as the Government opened it in 2014 only. Total 30 jeeps are allowed in a day at the Dhela zone in a day 15 jeeps in the morning and 15 jeeps in the afternoon.

5. Durga Devi Safari Zone:

If you are a bird lover, the best safari zone for you is Durga Devi Safari Zone. It is situated at the northeast boundary of the Jim Corbett. The distance between this zone and Ramnagar is 36 km. But it will be all worth it if you want to enjoy a calm peaceful natural place here. Total 30 jeeps are allowed in a day at Durga Devi zone . 15 jeeps in the morning and 15 jeeps in the afternoon.

6. Sitabani Buffer Zone:  

For a note, Sitabani zone does not come under Jim Corbett but it is a good place to spend your time. You can see the water bodies created by two rivers here. You can also see Mahseer fish here. It is a calm and peaceful place.Total 200 jeeps are allowed in a day at Sitabani zone . 100 jeeps in the morning and 100 jeeps in the afternoon. 

7. Phato/Fato Zone:

Phato zone is recently open for tourist in 30 december 2021. Entry gate of phato zone from maldhan which is 18 km far from Ramnagar. This zone is open for tourism throughout the year. You can see the royal bengal tiger, elephant, deer, wild boar and many types of bird species.Total 100 jeeps are allowed in a day at Phato zone in a day 50 jeeps in the morning and 50 jeeps in the afternoon.

What to Do at the Jim Corbett National Park?

1. Wildlife Photography:  

What does it mean to go to such a beautiful place if you can’t click stunning photos there? It will be a lifetime experience visiting Jim Corbett and if you have photography skills, don’t forget to take your camera with you. You will get a lot of beautiful places to capture images. You will encounter hundreds of animals there for the first and last time in your life. If you get lucky, you will see a tiger roaming there as a king. 

2. Bird Observation:

Other than the Royal Bengal Tiger, Jim Corbett is famous for its numerous species of birds. There you will see almost 500 different types of birds in the jungle. If you are a bird lover, this place is only for you. Here you will get to see the eagle, vultures, rubythroat, minivet, and a lot more. 

3. River Rafting:

Shout to all thrill lovers, Jim Corbett is now offering you rafting on the river Ramganga. During the monsoon, you can go for this thrilling sport at the park. You will need to choose one from the two grades of rafting named 1 and 2 respectively. 

4. Fishing:  

The government has allowed a few licensed fishing camps here in the park. You can go there and book your slot there easily. If lucky, you can catch the famous Mahseer fish in the river. 

Where to Stay at Jim Corbett?

Don’t worry about the residence as the place is full of Resorts, hotels, cottages, and guest houses. All these are in and around the park. However, to book a stay at a rest room in the Corbett National Park, you will need to book it 45 days in advance.

In the forest, you will spend a beautiful evening with all the modern amenities available to you. You can easily be in the forest or out of the forest with your friends, family, or spouse. There are no issues with food and lodging here. Visit Jim Corbett without a doubt. 


Jim Corbett is not just a tourist place. It’s a heritage that possesses some of the most beautiful natural places in the world. Once visited, you will never be able to forget this place in his/her lifetime. Enjoy the Night stay, Jeep safari in Corbett and witness the beauty of nature at its best.


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