Know About the Best Safari Zones at Corbett National Park

Who doesn’t love watching animals living in their natural habitats? Everyone loves that. But this is dangerous also and you must be careful when actually going for it. But our country has many places where you can see them without any issue. The most famous of them is Jim Corbett National Park. For more than 80 years, the park has been one of the most attractive places in India. It is a jewel in our country serving as one of the main attractions for national & international tourists. 

In this article, we will discuss the best safari zones at Corbett National park that you must visit once in your life. So give this blog a complete read and know all about them. 

About Jim Corbett National Park:

Jim Corbett National Park was established in 1936. The then government established it at the foot of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand. The main attraction of the National Park is the Royal Bengal Tiger. There are two hundred and sixty tigers in this wildlife habitat. Other than tigers, you can also see 580 different birds, spotted deer, wild elephants, wild boars, hog deer, and many more. 

Jim Corbett National Park has a total area of 1319 SQ KMs. The National Park is divided into two parts- Buffer Zone & Core Zone. The Buffer Zone covers up to 798 SQ KMs and Core Zone covers up to 521 SQ KMs. Further, the Core Zone has two districts in it. Pauri Garhwal District covers 312.86 SQ KMs and Nainital district has the remaining 208.14 SQ KMs. 

Not that only 205 of the forest area is allowed to tourists. The government has ordered all the remaining portions to be left as it is. No tourists can go inside that area. For ease to tourists, the government has made several Safari Zones in the National Park for tourism. 

Best Safari Zones in Jim Corbett National Park:

Below is a list of some of the best safari zones in the Jim Corbett National Park. If you are planning to go there, see the list. It will help you to decide which place will be best for you. 

Dhikala Zone:

Dhikala Zone is the most famous safari zone at Jim Corbett National park. It is the largest tiger safari zone of all. Here you can also stay at night at a 100-year-old rest house inside the forest named Dhikala Forest Rest House. This Safari Zone is located in the outskirts of the Patil Dun valley. This place is a home for flora & fauna. 

Dhikala Safari Zone also offers you a panoramic site view with its high enrichment in Sal trees. You can witness a spectacular scene at the Ramganga river channels and beautiful grasslands famous for the name ‘Chaurs’. You will get to see the amazing view of a wide valley on one side and Kanda ridge on the other. 

This safari zone is heaven for wildlife lovers. Cause this place is the best place to see tigers. You can here see various different kinds of birds, wild elephants, spotted deers, boars, and barking deer if you get lucky. Moreover, you may get to see the breathtaking scenery of a tiger hunting a deer. If you get lucky enough to see this, you will never forget it for your whole life. 

No vehicle safari is available in this zone. Although you can get a canter safari for a day trip in the park. The authorities allow jeep safari only to those who will stay at the forest rest house. 

Open Period: 15th November to 15th June. 

Safari Available: Canter Safari with a limit of two canters at a time only.

 Entry gate: Dhangadi Gate. 

Bijrani Zone:

The second most famous safari zone in Jim Corbett National Park is Birjani Zone. This zone is famous for its eye-satisfying natural scenarios. After Dhikala, this zone is the favourite place for tourists. 

Birjani Zone is also great for daytime safari. You can see the royal Bengal tigers here easily. Notably, this site of the forest is quite calm and peaceful. You will feel a sense of peace in this place with its serene atmosphere. The attractive environment is the major cause of its visitors. 

Note that this area is at distance from other zones in the forest. You can see various kinds of birds, and wildlife species like elephants, and deer here. This area of the forest is also famous for its beautiful grasslands, dense Sal forest, and numerous water streams. 

Open Period: 15th October to 30th June. 

Safari Available: Jeep Safari only (30 Jeeps in the morning & afternoon)

 Entry gate: Amdanda Gate. 

Jhirna Zone:

The Jhirna Zone became an open area for tourists in 1994. In comparison to others, this zone is a much newer site. Today this is one of the most visited safari zones in the Jim Corbett as it offers you day visiting for the entire year. There is no limitation on this zone. 

People have reported several sightings of the Royal Bengal Tiger, bear, Asian Elephants, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, and Sloth Beer. Here you can visit in a day only. There is no rest house available in this zone. This place also offers eye-pleasing natural beauty to its visitors. 

Open Period: Throughout the year. 

Safari Available: Jeep Safari only (30 Jeeps in the morning & afternoon)

 Entry gate: Dhela Gate. 

Dhela Zone:

The southern buffer part of the Jim Corbett National park is famous as the Dhela Zone. This is the latest zone for tourism. The government opened it in 2014 only. Filled with Sal trees, Kusum, Bahera, Rohini, and Haldu plants, this zone will show you a majestic site viewing. This zone is a mixture of many beautiful natural sceneries. It also has water bodies, dense forests, and extensive meadows. 

This Zone has the second-largest sightings of tigers in 2019-2020. The Dhela Zone is open throughout the year and offers the visitors a jeep safari for a day visit only. There are no forest rest house in this zone either. 

Dhela Zone’s entrance has seen several tiger visits hence it is a good place to see them roaming in the forest. Jeeps are limited here hence you may have to wait for your turn to visit the forest by a Jeep Safari. 

Open Period: Throughout the year. 

Safari Available: Jeep Safari only (15 Jeeps in the morning & afternoon)

 Entry gate: Dhela Gate. 

Durgadevi Zone:

The northern edge of the Jim Corbett National park is Durgadevi Zone. This is another heaven in the park for people who love natural beauty. The zone is filled with beautiful landscapes and hilly terrain. Here you will find dense forest areas, several kinds of plants, and trees such as Sal trees, Kusum, and extra. You will also get to watch several animal species in this area. Two rivers Ramganaga and Mandal rivers create the water bodies in this zone. During your trip, you can stay here at the Lohachaur Forest Rest House. 

In Durgadevi Zone, you will get to see leopards, elephants, and otters in rich numbers. You can especially see them near the Domunda Bridge. Lastly, you will see the great Royal Bengal Tiger here. Here is one more bonus for the visitors. In the streams of this region, you will find the famous Mahsheer Fish. 

Open Period: 15th October to 15th June. 

Safari Available: Jeep Safari only (11 Jeeps in the morning & afternoon)

 Entry gate: Durgadevi Gate. 

The below safari zones are around Jim Corbett National parks where you will find all the services just like at the park. 

Garjia Safari Zone:

If you are a wildlife lover, you can visit Garjia Safari Zone. Along with Dhikala, Sitabani, Dhela, and some other zones, this also offers you a great sight of wildlife. Although the number of jeeps for safari is limited here. You can see many different kinds of wild animals like elephants and deer in this zone. 

Sitabani Safari Zone:

Sitabani Safari Zone is a reserve forest zone. It is a tiger reserve forest nearby the Jim Corbett National Park only. This region is open to all and is generally referred to as a Buffer area for tigers. Here you will see several kinds of plants, woodland forests, river streams, and also a huge number of ancient temples. Note that you can bring your private vehicles to this region. 

Phato Safari Zone:

Phato Zone is known for its Singular beauty and sights of the Royal Bengal Tigers. Wildlife lovers must visit this place to make their trip a lifetime memory. You can spend your day here on a Jeep safari and see many animals like elephants, bears, and deer in this zone. 

This is the tenth zone of Ramnagar which is a significant natural habitat for animals. Also, you will see many heart-winning scenarios in this area. This place is 26 kilometres away from Ramnagar. 

Safari Available: Jeep Safari only (50 Jeeps in morning & evening)


Above we have discussed the best safari zones to visit on your trip to Jim Corbett National Park. Go to these zones and enjoy the natural beauty at its best.



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