Dhikala Safari Booking: Your Gateway to Corbett’s Hidden Treasures

Step into the realm of untamed nature with Corbett by Dhikala safari booking. Here, the wild pride of this species amazingly hangs by a thread, since sturdy leopards with their exquisite stripes dominate this tiger-rich area. 

Dhikala’s unfiltered and raw wilderness, from babbling brooks of forests to Salwoodland, is enchanted with amazing adventures and a sense of toon with the rich biodiversity of India. 

With us, you will dive into the heart of nature with emotions and discover the fascinating close-lock interactions with wild animals.

What Awaits You on a Thrilling Dhikala Wildlife Escapade?

Let the unscripted world of Dhikala’s wilderness take you on a shipwreck ride for a live safari. Be with the zebras at the bottom of an open-roofed vehicle and hunt the spotted lions in the dense Savannah grass. Admire herds of Asian Elephants(Gaj maha)trumpet & take a bath near the historic Ramganga River. 

Watch in awe the grandiose Sambar deer, India’s largest antlered mammal. During the led outing by the nature expert, take a close look at the family Asteraceae and more than 100 other types of plants and around 600 species of animals. 

After adventurous safaris, detox yourself in serene log cabins offering comfort in the middle of nature with its enchanting music. The Gir Forest Wildlife Sanctuary experience will be etched in my mind because that is where you get up close and personal with the majestic residents.

Discover Corbett’s Untamed Beauty with a Dhikala Safari Booking

Have an incredible rendevous with untouched Corbett’s wilderness by simply booking your safari for Dhikala. In this way, voyagers find themselves in the tranquil environment of a world-class national park where one can encounter the beauty and diversity of nature. 

Climb the hilly areas, ooze through the thick woodland, and relax your body in the vast grassland in an open-top 4×4, escorted by well-experienced nature guides. Take a careful look out for the rare Bengal tiger as well as for the majestic Asian elephants and rhesus macaques and the more than 600 species of birds. 

The Dhikala safari was very cost-worthy as it allowed us to settle in the forest in exclusive lodging beside babbling streams, tinkling birds, and singing wildlife. Take a real natural excursion where the uncontaminated surrounding nature will make you feel the essence of it during this exciting and eco-friendly tourism journey.

What Lies Beyond the Beaten Path? Dhikala’s Off-the-Grid Wonders?

  • Unseen walking paths allegedly approximately 3 km long and narrow twisting in deep forest lushness and hilly areas of the town. 
  • One can seek refuge in secluded waterfalls or natural swimming pools where no tourists are present nearby. 
  • Offering chances to camp far from the noise and light of a city to enjoy the beauty of the night sky hidden in trees of the forest. 
  • Opportunities to see seldom-spotted mesmerizing creatures such as fishing cats, pangolins, and flying foxes are all more thrilling to see. 
  • Visitation to Smaller Gudjar and Puxa Unions where you can find isolation and immerse yourself in the local culture. 
  • Discovery of the art and architecture inside these long-lost early shelters through the analysis of the caves and bedrock which bear prehistoric carvings. 
  • Bird-related destinations that will provide access to the most exotic to the most common migratory and resident species.

4 Unmissable Wildlife Encounters on a Dhikala Safari

The Dhikala safari ticket is the way that you use to enjoy nature in its supreme beauty and life up close to real life. Among the highlights is this quartet of close collects which will enchant you. 

The Magnificent Bengal Tiger 

Every safari fan’s goal is to spot the nocturnal gray cat of the wild, whose stripes are elusive to people. A Dhikala safari booking enhances the prospects of observing a tiger many times, as these forests which are blessed with a strong tiger population, house a healthy tiger population. 

Be prepared for impressive sightings which is these cats showing their hunting prowess, establishing territories, or just relaxing near the rocks. 

The Gentle Giants – Asian Elephants

The no-fault safari is incomplete without the admiration of these intelligent’s giant’s who call this place home. Be overcome with feelings of wonder when wandering amongst the crashing waves and seagulls as they scamper on the shoreline. 

See a sweet momma cow and her followers playfully chase one another in a herd of curious calves. 

The Majestic Sambar Deer

To view these top deer species in the Indian subcontinent do not forget to look for the mighty Sambar which is the majestic species of Sambar. Their humongous antlers and their memorable experience of being in the presence of such creatures as they graze unworried in the forest glades bring the real pictures into frame. 

Unlike other types of deer, male red deer develop antlers. Impressions of the fierce fights for power can be seen in the wild during rutting season. 

A Kaleidoscope of Birdlife

This room booking is not just a package for visit birding but also gives you a superb bird viewing experience. In Corbett more than 600 type of birds have found an abode, mesmerizing your ears and eyes with the melodious symphony of their calls and the fantastic display of plumage.

Sensitive bug guides will demonstrate to you the techniques to spot of diamonds the Indian pitta, crested serpent eagles, and in your world colorful barbets.


Break the sanctuaries’ confines by availing of Dhikala safari booking from Corbett Tiger Reserve to unleash the power of lavish nature. With Bengal tigers giving way to herds of gentle elephants, through to deer with antlers and numerous species of birds – a rich biodiversity is showcased. Delve into Corbett’s inlet areas and you will discover its hidden treasures.  

Take ecotourism into account and do sustainable tourism activities. As tempting as it seems, nothing can compare with Dhikala’s wilderness where you will be astonished by experiencing nature that seems too real for a city-goer. Start the booking procedure for Dhikala Wildlife Safari with Corbett Tiger Reserve today.



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