Discover Nature’s Beauty: Cycling Safari at Corbett Fall in Jim Corbett National Park


An extraordinary adventure with the newly introduced Cycling Safari at Corbett Fall, located in the serene Naya village of Kaladhungi range, adjacent to the world-renowned Jim Corbett National Park. This two-kilometer cycling track offers a unique opportunity for tourists to immerse themselves in the natural wonders of the forest while enjoying the thrill of cycling and roaming in forest buffer area which is good for nature lover.

Key Features:

Location and Accessibility:

Corbett Fall is nestled in the heart of the Kaladhungi range, accessible from the main gate of Corbett Fall. The cycling track is strategically designed to provide panoramic views of the forest and its diverse flora and fauna.

Cycling Safari Experience:

Tourists can traverse a carefully crafted two-kilometer track, reveling in the beauty of the forest and relishing the melodies of the birds that inhabit the area, Mesmerizing Sound of water falling from the certain height.

Affordable Adventure:

The Forest Division has set a nominal fee of Rs 50 for this exhilarating cycling safari, making it an accessible and affordable adventure for all nature enthusiasts.

Bird Watching Extravaganza:

As you pedal through the cycling track, be prepared for a birdwatching spectacle. The region boasts a variety of bird species, providing a captivating experience for bird lovers.

Safety Measures:

The entire cycling area is securely enclosed with solar fencing; however, cyclists need to be vigilant, ensuring the safety of both themselves and the wildlife inhabiting the region

Forest Biodiversity Exploration:

This initiative marks the Forest Department’s commitment to showcasing the rich biodiversity of the forest. Tourists can witness the flora and fauna of Jim Corbett National Park in a secure and controlled environment.

Upcoming Features:

Cycle Proposal:

The Forest Division has already sent a proposal for the acquisition of ten cycles to enhance the cycling experience. Once approved so the track will kick off as soon as the cycles arrive and cyclists will enjoy the ride in the forest but they need to follow the safety measures.

How to Book:

Interested tourists can inquire and book their cycling safari experience at the main gate of Corbett Fall.

The fee for the cycling safari is fixed at Rs 50, providing tourists with a budget-friendly way to explore the forest.

Testimony from Ramnagar Forest Division DFO Diganth Nayak:

DFO Diganth Nayak shared that the preparations for the cycling track have been completed, showcasing the Forest Department’s dedication to providing a unique and safe experience for tourists.


The introduction of the Cycling Safari at Corbett Fall marks a pioneering initiative by the Forest Department in Ramnagar, providing tourists with an unprecedented opportunity to witness the biodiversity of the forest on a secure two-kilometer track. Don’t miss your chance to pedal through the wonders of Jim Corbett National Park!



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