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In addition to their management responsibilities the forest staff also looks after wildlife tourism. The department maintains various facilities and services for the 70,000-odd visitors that come to Corbett every year. Regulated tourism in Corbett Tiger Reserve gives visitors a chance to view wild animals in their natural environment and experience the beauty of Nature. This is the only way to help people from all walks of life appreciate the true value of wildlife preservation.
Corbett National Park remains open throughout the year for the visitors from Jhrina zone. Every year Bijarani zone get operational from Mid of October and The core area of the national park Dhikala zone get operational from 15th of Nov. The main reason for closure of the Bijarani and Dhikala zone during the rest of the year is that during the monsoons most of the roads get washed away. Repair work starts after the rains end and it is only by October to November that roads to Bijarani and Dhikala are back in motorable condition.
A current wildlife tourism activity is leaving impact on tiger and elephant corridors of the Corbett National Park. The rapid growth of tourism is identified as unsustainable both in terms of number of tourists and infrastructure. Apart from conservation and park management responsibilities the forest officials also looks after wildlife tourism. A government official of Corbett maintains various tourism services and facilities for the lakhs of odd visitors that come to the park every year from different part of the country and across the globe. Organized wildlife tourism in Corbett Tiger Reserve gives golden opportunity to visitors to watch wild animals in their natural habitats and observe the rustic beauty of nature. This is the great idea to make people aware from all walks of life and appreciate the true value of wildlife conservation.

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Most people consider ecotourism to be synonymous to tourism in natural areas. But there is more to ecotourism than this. In addition to responsible travel to natural areas that is sensitive to environmental concerns, true ecotourism should also sustain the livelihoods and cultural identities of local communities. Ecotourism is an important tool for conservation because it generates economic benefits for the authorities managing the protected area as well as local people who get employment. This instils a sense of pride in the local people who now appreciate the value of their natural and cultural heritage. Ecotourism also influences visitors by providing an opportunity for a better, more educative experience, thus sensitising them towards conservation.

Tourism, Jim Corbett National Park The importance of ecotourism is gradually being realised in developing countries like India that have great natural wealth. The concept has much more potential in states such as Uttaranchal that have substantial areas under forests. Recently, there have been attempts in India to institutionalise ecotourism and various state governments have announced or are in the process of formulating ecotourism policies. There have been several community-based initiatives in this direction in Uttaranchal, Sikkim, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh and in the near future other states are expected to follow.
It is general perception of the most of the people that ecotourism is synonymous to tourism in natural basket but it is more than this. Traveler should be very much responsible while travelling to natural areas that are sensitive to environmental concerns. True ecotourism is what that sustain the livelihood and cultural identity of the local people. This activity serves as an important tool for conservation. It is so because ecotourism generates revenue for the authorities managing the protected area as well as local people who get employment. Such tourism gives the sense of pride in the local residents who now promotes ecotourism in the area and recognizes the value of their natural and cultural heritage. It also inspires the visitors by giving an opportunity for enhanced, better, more educative tourism experience.

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