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Jim Corbett National Park

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Why choose Elephant Safari over other safaris

  • An unforgettable experience - It is an extraordinary experience. Just imagine when everyone is there looking at the animals from within a vehicle, you are roaming the jungle on the back of an elephant.
  • Intimate Connection with Elephants - Elephants are very friendly and often build strong connections with tourists. If you want to be like Tarzan and befriend animals, the elephant safari at Jim Corbett is the best safari option for you.
  • Slow and Serene Pace - if you like to roam the jungle slowly, and absorbing all what is around you, there is nothing better than an elephant safari. Apart fom that the heightened view of the jungle that an elephant gives you, nothing else can.
  • Unique Photo Opportunities - Jim Corbett elephant safari can give you the best and the most unique photos that you will keep safe for a lifetime.
  • Enhanced Safety - There is no better protection against any animal, than a big strong and trainbned elephant.
  • Photography and videography opportunities: Being closer to the wildlife in a safe vehicle you get better photos and videos.
  • Sustainable Livelihoods for Local Communities - By taking elephant safaris, you not only get amazing experiences but you also support the local communities in earning a livelihood.
  • Conservation Advocacy - If you are some influencer who wishes to teach the world to take conserve wildlife, then an elephant safari will be the best option.

Corbett Elephant Safari Tariff / Rate / Cost / Price

Price (Indian):- INR 3500/Elephant ( Max. 4 Persons are allowed in ONE Elephant )
Price (Foreigner):- INR 5000/Elephant ( Max. 4 Persons are allowed in ONE Elephant )
Zones:- Reserve Forest Area (Corbett Landscape)

Elephant Safari Full Information

Welcome to Elephant Safari Booking in Jim Corbett National Park. For those people who would like to experience the wilderness of a national park at its best, the option to stay at an FRH inside the park is the best option. When the sound of various animals comes from the dense dark forest, nothing in this world compares with that feeling of joy mixed with fear. When you pick up your torch to have a look at your surroundings, you can sight lots of eyes glowing in the light of your torch from the outside of the Rest House's electrical fencing. Deers, Wild Boars and sometimes even Tigers can be seen and heard very close to the fencing of the Rest House.

Visitors can book online Elephant Safari for different zones of Corbett National park namely Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhikala, Dhela, Durgadevi and Corbett Landscape. All the procedures of elephant Safari Booking at Corbett are managed by the forest officials as per the guidelines of India's forest department. Please note that we cannot influence the safari zone, safari driver and the naturalist guide as it is not in our hand. It is solely decided by the forest officials. Though all the zones have healthy population of tigers and wildlife sightings are reported more or less same. These all aspects are managed by the automated computerized system to ensure the equal distribution of safari vehicles in respective zones.

perfect holiday can be described as one that is spent amidst nature which is filled with calmness and serenity. Relaxing oneself in such wonderful places can sure be a rejuvenating exercise for many stressed souls. Belief is that the stressed out nerves can be relaxed when quality time is spent close to wildlife. This is a very popular technique that is used by city birds to relax and rejuvenate. The Jim Corbett National Park is a wonderful location to get closer to nature and experience the calmness and comfort. Celebration of the most important gifts of nature can be best understood when the safaris are made use of at Corbett National Park to get closer to the flora and fauna.

The Corbett National park elephant safari is incomparable to any other safari when it comes to adventure and excitement. The experience of touring the forest on the back of an elephant can add to the excitement of exploring the jungle. Corbett Park elephant safaris can help explore the rarest accessible wildlife zones of the Park. The rare and endangered species of the Jim Corbett Park can be looked into closely when one opts for the elephant safari. Such safaris give the advantage of being able to get a glimpse of areas like the rivers, scenic valleys, grasslands, thick forests and rugged trekking trails surrounding the thick wildlife boundary.

Corbett National Park offers you with the facilities of Jungle Safari. One can look for nature safari, to have bird watching and enjoying the precious nature. You can also have elephant safari through the jungles of Corbett and if lucky enough can even spot some tigers. If adventurous further or to have some memorable moments, can take up an Elephant safari, really amazing experience.


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Entry Formalities

As the entire periphery of the Jim Corbett National Park falls under restricted and protected area, so official permission is required to visit the core area of the tiger territory. There are two kinds of official permits issued by the government for entering into any safari zone of the park. Day visit permit (for Elephant/canter safari) and Permits for night stay inside the Government forest lodges The day visit permits are required by Indian nationals as well as foreigners for entering into any tourism zone in Corbett National Park. Accommodation inside the park is possible after obtaining night stay permit that are issued by issuing authorities of Government officials.

Terms & Conditions
  • Day visit to all zones are strictly regulated as per the scientifically calculated carrying capacity and only a limited number of vehicles are permitted entry during each morning and afternoon.
  • Permits for day visits to the Sonanadi Ecotourism zone can be obtained from the visitor reception center located at Kotdwar.
  • Permits for day visits to other zones are available online on our website.
  • Visitors are advised to acquaint themselves with gate timings and arrive well before the designated time to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Private vehicles are 'not' allowed entry for tourism purposes into the park and visitors use specially designed vehicles, registered with CTR for this purpose. Day visits to the Dhikala Ecotourism Zone are permitted only through the specially designed Canter buses via Ramganga Conducted Tours.
  • Visitors can also enjoy elephant rides at Bijrani and Dhikala ecotourism Zone, which is available on 'First come, first get' basis.
  • Canteen facilities are available at Dhikala, Bijrani and Gairal. At other locations, kitchen facilities have been provided

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an elephant safari?

    Elephant safari is the best way to go for a wildlife tour as it can give a very natural, open, wonderful Tarzan-like experience in the jungle that a jeep or a canter cannot give. And it is very safe as well, as you are riding a big, strong and trained elephant.

    What can participants expect during an elephant safari?
    What are the safety measures in place during an elephant safari?

    The elephant is trained and healthy, so there are no big threats, but you must not tease him or cause him any discomfort. Neither should you tease or abuse any animal that you encounter while you are on the elephant safari in jim corbett. If you are good animals, be good.

    Can participants interact with the elephants during the safari?

    Yes, you can interact with the elephant, but only in the presence of the trainer so that your safety is never compromised.

    What happens in case of bad weather during an elephant safari in Jim Corbett park ?

    If the rain comes in the middle of the elephant safari, we have to stop for a while for the comfort of our elephant. Due to the weather conditions, monsoon is not a good time to choose an elephant safari.

    What happens if a participant encounters a wild animal during the safari?

    Elephants are big, strong, and well-trained, so even if you encounter an animal, you are safe until you are nearby the elephant and the trainer.

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