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Dhela Zone Full Information

A trip to Jim Corbett National Park is a lifetime experience. The exciting encounters and nature all around are sure to make you fall into nature all over again. The Dehla Zone in this national park is popular for its majestic animals and tiger sightings. The zone is home to a variety of wildlife species. It covers an extensive area of 25 square kilometers and is surrounded by dense forests.

Sprawling over 1173 hectares, Dhela Zone is the sixth eco-tourism zone of Corbett National Park that was brought on India tourism map in 2014. The zone is 20 kilometers from the Ramnagar, right beside the Jhirna safari zone of Corbett National Park. Here, you can find mixed forest such as Saal, Rohini, Haldu, Bahera, Kusum vegetation, which makes it ideal for birdwatching tour in Jim Corbett Park. Along with abundant flora and bird population, Dhela Zone has a good population of tigers, bears, elephants and leopards. For safari, there are overall two trails giving tourists an opportunity to stroll around three to four km in the wild. On an average, 180 tourists - 90 each in the morning and the evening shifts - will be allowed to visit the Dhela zone every day. If you're mesmerized by the beauty of the place then you can stay at the Dhela Forest Lodge. The main attraction of the zone is Laldhang, a grassland where one can spot wild pigs, Neelgai, and birds too.

Attractions at Dhela Zone

  • Rich Wildlife: The major attraction of Dhela Zone is tiger sightings. The visitors can get a chance to view the tigers in their natural habitat. Some other animal species that can be found in this zone include deer, leopards, elephants, and much more.
  • Dhela Safari Zone: The Dhela Safari Zone offers you an opportunity to go into the major areas of the forest and view the animals closely. The safari in this zone is surely an exciting and thrilling activity. From the spotting of animals to the wonderful views you can explore the best in this zone.
  • Garjiya Devi Temple: It is one of the ancient temples located near the Kosi River. The heritage carvings on this temple along with the fascinating backdrop are sure to enchant you with its grandeur. A must-visit site during your visit to Dhela Zone.
  • Dhangarhi Museum: If you are interested in history and want to know about the Jim Corbett National Park more then. this museum is a treasure for you. It displays in-depth information about the flora and fauna in the national park, the history of conversationalists, and much more
  • Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary: The wildlife sanctuary is in the Kumaon Hills. It is home to some of the rarest wildlife species such as leopards, barking deer, and Himalayan black bears. It is one of the major attractions in the Dhela Zone.
  • Choti Haldwani: A walk in this village is surely going connect you with your roots and get you closer to nature. The small yet pleasant village is picturesque and boasts amazing views. The village grasslands and fresh air are sure to take you away from the city chaos.
  • Kumaon Regimental Centre Museum: View the achievements and works of the Kumaon Regiment of the Indian Army at this wonderful museum located in the Dhela Zone.
  • Ranikhet: Ranikhet is a hill station located in the Almora district. The natural beauty and ancient architecture give this place a distinct edge. A visit to this hill station can add more memories to your journey.
  • Adventure activities: If you are an adventure enthusiast looking out for some adrenaline rush then. Dhela Zone is sure to add up to your fun and excitement. There are activities like trekking, river rafting, and rock climbing that you can explore during your trip.

The Dhela Zone of Jim Corbett National Park has so many things to offer. However, how much you can explore and experience to a very extent depends upon the guide service A professional and expert guide service provider can enable you to uncover the park to the fullest while taking care of your safety. Corbett Tiger Reserve is an experienced and specialized guide service provider. We offer comprehensive service to help our guests discover nature to its fullest.

Accommodation options we provide

Corbett Tiger Reserve takes care of all your accommodation needs. We comprehend the excitement and thrill of living amidst the forest and in the lap of nature. Thus, to add to your trip we provide the most comfortable and extensive stay options. Our guest rooms are designed intricately to provide our guests the maximum comfort. They are well-equipped with all the basic amenities and facilities. The in-house canteen and restaurants take care of your basic needs while the comfortable bedding makes sure you have a pleasant time here. Now live in nature and get the desired escape from the city chaos with Corbett Tiger Reserve.

The celebration of food and nature!

Food is a major part of our trips and vacations. It elevates the experience and lightens up your mood. And therefore, we make sure you get the best gourmet food while your trip to Dhela Zone. Our restaurants and canteen serve delicious, top-not-quality meals and snacks to our guests. The professional chefs make sure to offer you a variety of options and treat your taste buds with the best of flavors.

The Safari Options!
  • Jeep Safari: The open jeep safari through Dhela Zone's deep forest is full of excitement and adventure. The voyage is full of unexpected twists and turns. You never know which wildlife animal you may encounter and where you will encounter it. Throughout your voyage in this zone, your squad will be the 4x4 Jeep. Be prepared to discover the national park's hidden places with a qualified guide, be amazed by some unheard stories, and view the creatures in their natural habitat. Jeep safaris are very popular with tourists.
  • Canter Safari: A 16x16 canter safari is a group safari. It is also accompanied by a knowledgeable guide. The guide leads you through the jungle and to some of the most popular animal viewing areas. A camel safari lasts around three hours. During your excursion, you will be able to see elephants, tigers, leopards, sloth bears, buffalo, deer, and other animals.
  • Elephant Safari: The elephant ride in Jim Corbett's woodland is undoubtedly one of the most unique and rare adventures you will ever have. The splendor of nature and the beautiful flora and wildlife all around may fascinate you from the top of an elephant. The elephant safari is accompanied by a mahout, who will guide you throughout your safari. A two-hour elephant safari is available. It is one of the most enjoyable ways to learn about the environment and wildlife.

Adventure activities you can enjoy at Dhela Zone with us :

  1. Wildlife: The expert guides at Corbett Tiger Reserve can take you on a wildlife tour in the Jhirna Zone. We not only assist you in locating the animals, but we also give extensive information. Our goal is to bring you closer to nature and to connect with its roots.
  2. Safaris: Corbett Tiger Reserve can accommodate all of your safari demands. Our safari experts have extensive training and expertise. They will take you through the safari and will also give you some basic directions and guidelines to follow. We make every safari an unforgettable adventure.
  3. Nature walk: Wander and walk in nature with Corbett Tiger Reserve specialists. We transport you to regions where you may wander and explore creatures in their natural environment.
  4. Machan and watchtower: The Corbett Tiger Reserve staff also brings you to the machan and watchtower, which provide a panoramic view of the thick forest and ecosystem. Machan's point of view is captivating and intriguing. The sights, wind, and wildlife all around are guaranteed to please.
  5. Photography and videography: At the Dhela Zone, capture some great moments of animal species in their natural environment. If you enjoy taking photographs, this is the ideal location for you. It features rivers, woods, animals, and breathtaking vistas.
  6. Fishing: If you enjoy fishing, then, you can indulge in the same during your trip to Dhela Zone. Our professionals will assist you with all of the essential preparations. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy nature's fishing.
  7. Camping: Dhela zone is the perfect destination for camping. The site offers fascinating views and beautiful nature all around. Corbett Tiger Reserve takes care of all your camping requirements. Our team of experts makes all the necessary arrangements to ensure you have a comfortable stay with us.
  8. Rafting: The Kosi Rivers' rapids will give you the adrenaline rush you need to enjoy your trip to the fullest. The Corbett Tiger Reserve does have rafting facilities in the Dhela Zone to enable its visitor to have an adventure-filled time.

Visitor Season

Winter Safaris Timings-
  • Morning Safari Entry- 07:00 am & Exit- 10:00 am
  • Evening Safari Entry- 02:00 pm & Exit- 05:30 pm
Summer Safaris Timings-
  • Morning Safari Entry- 06:00 am & Exit- 09:30 am
  • Evening Safari Entry- 03:00 pm & Exit- 06:30 pm

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the accommodation options in Dhela Zone?

There are many accommodation options in Dhela Zone. You can visit the official website of Corbett Tiger Reserve to find the various stay options available in the Dhela Zone.

Can we book a safari in advance for Dhela Zone?
What is the duration of a jeep safari in the Dhela Zone?

The duration of a Jeep Safari in the Dhela Zone is approximately three hours. You can connect with our team to book your safari zone.

What are the safety guidelines that need to be followed during a tour of the Dhela Zone?

The safety guidelines that the visitors need to follow during their tour of the Dhela Zone include not littering the park, not stepping into the prohibited areas, and not getting too close to wildlife animals. The visitor must always follow the instructions of their guide.

What is the distance between Dhela Zone and the nearest airport or railway station?

The nearest airport to Dhela Zone is Pantnagar Airport. It is around 90 km away. The nearest railway station is Ramnagar Railway Station. It is around 18 km away.

Are there any restaurants or food options available inside Dhela Zone?

Yes, there are a few restaurants available inside the Dhela Zone. You can visit our official website to accurately locate them.

Can we spot tigers in Dhela Zone?

Yes, tigers can be spotted in the Jhirna Zone of Jim Corbett National Park. However, a sighting is difficult to guarantee in the wild.

What is the best way to reach Dhela Zone from nearby cities?

You can visit Dhela Zone from nearby cities like Delhi or Nanital. The best way to reach Dhela Zone is by renting a car or bus on hire. You can also take the bus to Ramnagar and then hire a taxi from there to reach Dhela Zone.

Are there any medical facilities available inside Dhela Zone?

No there are no medical facilities available inside Dhela Zone. In case of emergency medical help, you can visit the nearby hospitals in Nanital or Ramnagar.

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