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Bijrani Zone Jim Corbett National Park

Bijrani Zone

Jim Corbett is one of the most celebrated national parks in India. It is known for its excellent wildlife habitats and amazing forest range. The national park is divided into various zones based on various parameters, such as animals that can be found there, risks, terrain, and much more.
The Bijrani Zone is a renowned safari zone on the eastern side of the park. This covers an extensive area of approximately 400 square kilometers. The zone is blessed with some of the finest and most diverse flora and fauna, including a variety of birds, reptiles, etc. On the safari in Bijrani Zone, visitors can see elephants, leopards, deer, and, if they're lucky, tigers too.
The rolling hills, small streams, and dense forest enhance the beauty of this zone and make it an ideal destination for adventure enthusiasts as well as animal lovers.

Attractions at Bijrani Zone

A day at Bijrani Zone in the Jim Corbett National Park is sure to be full of adventure and excitement.Here are some of the major attractions to explore at Bijrani Zone:

  • Rich Wildlife: This zone is home to a variety of wildlife species like elephants, leopards,sambars, Bengal tigers, sloth bears, and many more. Visitors can view these animals in their natural habitat at the Bijrani Zone.

  • Jungle Safari: A Jeep Safari can enable you to explore the Bijrani Zone to the fullest and uncover the beauty of nature. The Jeep Safari is an experience for life and can treat you to some wonderful views and wildlife experiences.

  • Bird Watching: Bijrani Zone is a birder’s paradise, and you are sure to get mesmerized by the wonderful sight of some of the rarest and most colorful birds like parakeets, kingfishers, owls, barbets, etc.

  • Corbett Museum: The Corbett Museum is located in Kaladhungi. The museum is near the Bijrani Zone and is a must-visit. You discover some exceptional information on the conversionist Jim Corbett in this museum.

  • Corbett Waterfall: A waterfall amidst the forest is heavenly. It is one of the most popular tourist sports amongst the visitors. The excellent flora and fauna near the waterfall make it a perfect spot for photographs and some light moments.

  • Adventure activities: The Bijrani Zone also offers some adventure activities like rock climbing, rappelling, river rafting, etc. If you are an adventure lover, you can try an activity of your choice to make your trip even more memorable.

  • Chaurs: The vast expanses of grasslands called Chaurs give you a chance to treat yourself with some of the most stunning and breath-taking views. The place is also a habitat for several animals. You can explore the area by taking a walk or a jeep safari.

The Bijrani Zone of Jim Corbett offers a plethora of attractions to visitors. However, to utilize this opportunity to the fullest and make the most of your trip, make sure your guide and service provider are knowledgeable and visitor-friendly. Corbett Tiger Reserve is one of its kind as a guide service and reserve service provider dedicated to offering the best service and making your trip memorable by helping you curate the best experiences.

Accommodations we offer you

Corbett Tiger Reserve takes care of the accommodation requirements of its guest. Thus, we offer two forest rest houses in the Bijrani Zone to enable visitors to live in the lap of nature and enjoy their trip to the fullest. The Bijrani guest house has six rooms, four with double beds and two with single beds. The Malani guest house has two rooms with double beds. Moreover, the restaurant and the canteen facility add more convenience to your stay amidst nature.
Visitors can have a unique experience at these guest houses. The picturesque beauty, serene environment, and flowing water all around are sure to take one away from the routine chaos and offer the desired escape.

Relist the gourmet food

Any voyage or excursion is incomplete without proper food arrangements. Food enhances your trip and lets you enjoy it with all your heart. At Corbett Tiger Reserve, we make sure our guests are treated to the most delicious and authentic food. The meals are prepared by experienced local chefs. You can get a chance to explore the local cuisines and tantalize your taste buds with some distinct flavors. We take care of all your meals during the stay. Our objective is to provide the best comfort to our guests and add more pleasure to their journey.

Types of Safaris offered by Us

  1. Jeep Safari: Jeep Safari is the most popular safari option in the Bijrani Zone. You can hire a 4x4 open jeep to view the wildlife wonders. The jeep will be accompanied by a trained guide who will take you through the safari and narrate some astonishing stories. The jeep offers an excellent opportunity to spot wildlife species like elephants, deer, tigers, leopards, and much more. The duration of jeep safaris is approx. 3 hours. The visitor can select a morning or evening safari as per their choice.

  2. Canter Safari: This is a more convenient and affordable alternative to exploring the Bijrani Zone. The 16-seater canter open-roof bus, along with a guide, takes the visitors through the Bijrani Zone. The camel safari also offers you a good opportunity to observe wildlife. The duration of this safari is also three hours, with an option for morning and evening.

  3. Elephant Safari: Discover the natural habitat in a unique way by opting for an elephant ride.The elephant safari is accompanied by a trained mahout. The intimate experience of encountering wildlife in their home is mesmerizing and enthralling. The duration of this safari is almost two hours, with options for morning and evening.

Adventure activities you can enjoy at Bijrani Zone with us

  • Wildlife: Bijrani Zone is home to several wildlife species. You can view these animals in their natural habitat here. Some of the wildlife animals that you will view in our guided tour include elephants, deer, leopards, sloth bears, and, if you're lucky, you can spot some tigers too.

  • Safaris: A closer look at the forest can enable you to uncover the secrets of forest ranges and observe the wildlife. You can choose from our safari packages to explore the beauty of this zone and collect memories for life.

  • Nature walks: A stroll in the forests seems like a movie. It can connect you with your roots and make you feel closer to nature. The serenity, amazing views, great grasslands, and bird watching with us surely make your trip an exciting one.

  • Machan and watchtower: Visitors can climb up a machan or watchtower and observe the wildlife from a safe distance. A machan offers you a 360-degree view of the vicinity and an unmatched perspective.

  • Photography and videography: Capture the worthwhile moments and astonishing beauty of Jim Corbett with us. Our guides help you throughout your journey to lock the thrilling moments in your camera's frame.

  • Fishing: If you like fishing and want to try your hand at the same, then Bijrani Zone is the ideal destination for it. The Ramganga River is the perfect place for fishing. The wonderful views at the backdrop and amazing locations take your fishing time to the next level.

  • Camping: Camping in the Bijrani Zone is a unique experience. You can have the opportunity to stargaze and spend a night camping at Bijrani Zone. Our experts will make all the necessary arrangements, like food, music, and safe camps, for your camping delight.

  • Rafting: Rafting in the Kosi River is an exciting adventure activity that visitors can enjoy during their stay in Bijrani Zone. The river rapids are suitable for Grade II to V rafters. It is a popular adventure activity among adventure seekers.

Bijrani Range Entry Timing

Winter Safaris Timings-
  • Morning Safari Entry- 07:00 am & Exit- 10:00 am
  • Evening Safari Entry- 02:00 pm & Exit- 05:30 pm
Summer Safaris Timings-
  • Morning Safari Entry- 06:00 am & Exit- 09:30 am
  • Evening Safari Entry- 03:00 pm & Exit- 06:30 pm

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Jim Corbett National Park

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bijrani Zone in Corbett Tiger Reserve?

Bijrani Zone in Corbett Tiger Reserve is a popular eco-tourism destination located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. This zone is known for its variety of wildlife species, scenic views, amazing flora and fauna, and diverse bird species.

What is the best time to visit Bijrani Zone?
What are the accommodation options available in Bijrani Zone?

We have two overnight guests at our house.Our one guest house is in Bijrani Zone with six rooms, and our other one is in Malani with two rooms.

What kind of wildlife and bird species can be found in the Bijrani Zone?

Some of the most common and widely seen bird species in Bijrani Zone are peafowl, pheasants, jungle fowl, kingfishers, and woodpeckers. This zone is also home to wildlife species such as tigers, leopards, elephants, spotted deer, barking deer, sambhar deer, and much more.

What activities can be done in the Bijrani Zone?

Some activities that you can do in Bijrani Zone include a jungle safari, rafting, nature walk, camping, fishing, bird watching, and much more. You can connect with our guide to learn more about actives in Bijrani Zone.

What types of safaris are available in the Bijrani Zone?

There are three types of safari options in the Bijrani Zone: Jeep Safari, Canter Safari, and Elephant Safari. You can choose the safari depending upon your choice, preferences, budget, and comfort.

What are the rules and regulations to be followed in Bijrani Zone?

Visitors to Bijrani Zone are required to follow certain rules and regulations, like no smoking, no littering, no loud noise, and no feeding of animals.

What safety measures should be taken while visiting Bijrani Zone?

Visitors should take certain safety measures while visiting the Bijrani Zone. One must follow the instructions of the guides, stay in designated areas, and avoid getting too close to the animals.

What are the entry fees for the Bijrani Zone?

The entry fees for the Bijrani Zone vary for Indian and foreign nationals. You can visit the official website of the Corbett Tiger Reserve to view the latest fee structure.

How can I book a visit to the Bijrani Zone?

Visitors can book a visit to the Bijrani Zone by visiting the official website of Corbett Tiger Reserve or connecting with them via phone. It is advised to book in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles.

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