Tourist Attractions near Corbett National Park


Garjiya Devi Temple

10 KMs from Corbett city Ramnagar

Garjia Maa Temple is situated in the mid of Kosi River near Ramnagar. The temple holds great importance amongst the locals. Almost every couple who visits Corbett National Park or Ramnagar visits this temple of Garjia Maa to take their blessings.


Corbett Museum

30 KMs from Corbett city Ramnagar

Corbett Museum is the place where Jim Corbett stayed during winters and the museum has his books like Man Eating Tiger, Man Eating Tiger of Kumaon etc. The museum also offers his personal items like, gun, fishing net, cap, bag and some of his photographs with tigers.


Corbett Fall

20 KMs from Corbett city Ramnagar

The Corbett Waterfalls, a small nonetheless an awesome view, is from a height of about 60 feet and is in the backdrop of scenic greenish forest. Full Moon light colored waterfall is really worth-while to observe. The wide area around the water fall provides very good parking and camping facilities. It is a very nice picnic spot. A nearby attraction is 'Nature Walk' museum, where one can experience the pure nature in its primitive style and calm.


Dhangarhi Museum

20 KMs from Corbett city Ramnagar

Here you will watch the educational details about floras and faunas of Corbett Park with trophies of naturally dead animals i.e. Tiger, Leopard, Tusker, Deer, Sambhar and Crocodile etc.

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